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Visiting the Vibrant, Colorful Cityscape Of Willemstad,…

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For more vivid landscapes and architecture from the island of Curaçao, explore the Willemstad location page.

One of the first things visitors notice about Willemstad, the capitol of Curaçao, is its brightly colored houses. The Dutch-influenced architecture reflects the colonial history of the tiny island nation, located in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela.

“The landscape and the people who live in this city are as diverse as they come,” says Gaby Lieuw (@sandandstilettos), who grew up in Curaçao and currently runs a travel service for tourists to the island. “Many people speak at least four languages fluently—Dutch, English, Spanish and the local language of Papiamento—and switch between them effortlessly throughout the day.”

According to Gaby, large music festivals are a defining feature of Willemstad, ranging from traditional tumba music