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Cartoon Characters Brought to Life with @francoisdourlen For…

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instagram.com/p/kljJQ1ukIy/#francoisdourlen Cartoon Characters Brought to Life with @francoisdourlen

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“It’s not a question of the camera lens, just a question of the moment, imagination and expression,” says Instagrammer François Dourlen (@francoisdourlen), a teacher from Normandy, France. Inspired by the daily scenes around him, François is reminded of characters from popular culture and animation films. “I don’t really choose photos to put with the background,” he explains. “The background makes me think about pictures I’ve seen.”

His playful style inserts cartoon characters on real life backgrounds to delight his followers—and himself. He adds: “My message to the world is: ‘Do not forget to look at the world through a child’s eyes.’”