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Chasing #realraysfordays with @maurensparrow For more perfectly…

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For more perfectly captured rays of light, follow @maurensparrow on Instagram and browse the #realraysfordays hashtag.

Little Rock Instagrammer Mauren Sparrow Kennedy (@maurensparrow) is the creative brain behind #realraysfordays. Though sunbeams are commonly enhanced in digital post-processing, Mauren spends her time both photographing and curating photographs that feature “the most beautiful, interesting, unique—and totally real—sunrays that Instagrammers could catch on their phones.” Looking at the ever-growing gallery, Mauren is excited by how the community has picked up #realraysfordays. To help create more light chasing images, she shares her top tips for capturing sunrays:

Always be on the lookout. “The sun behind certain clouds or the way it can shine through the trees gives you completely natural, absolutely real rays that are incredible.”
Be aware of your light source and the objects around it. “Shooting directly into the light