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#todayimet with @jamesfrancotv and @marniethedog For more…

instagram.com/p/qju8Q7PA3k/#marniethedog instagram.com/p/rqLgz2PAxq/#marniethedog
instagram.com/p/uyK_NAPA8O/#marniethedog #todayimet with @jamesfrancotv and @marniethedog

For more photos from the adorable, floppy-tongued canine and the silver-screen selfie master, follow @marniethedog and @jamesfrancotv on Instagram.

When Marnie the dog (@marniethedog) was adopted in 2012, she was so sick that her owner wasn’t sure she was going to survive. “She was already a senior, and she had stomach worms, decaying teeth and cloudy eyes,” says her owner Shirley Braha, who lives in New York. “But her health improved a lot, and as Marnie became more comfortable and confident in her new home, her personality began to shine through.”

Now, Marnie has become one of the most beloved pets on Instagram with a legion of famous fans, including actor James Franco (@jamesfrancoTV).

Marnie’s friendship with James began as a playful rivalry earlier this year, when Marnie staged elaborate impersonations of his