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Pinhole Photography and the Power of Light with…

Pinhole Photography and the Power of Light with @thepopuppinholeco

To discover more pinhole photography browse the #pinhole and #pinholephotography hashtags and follow @kellyangood and @thepopuppinholeco on Instagram. To view more photos of the “Drawn by Light” exhibition, explore the Science Museum location page and browse the #drawnbylight hashtag.

“People are so used to taking a picture with their phone or a digital camera and using the viewfinder. But with a pinhole camera, you have to use your eyes,” says Kelly Angood (@kellyangood), a London Instagrammer who makes pinhole cameras for her business, The Pop-up Pinhole Company (@thepopuppinholeco).

“With pinhole photography it’s the light creating the image. You forget that light travels in straight lines,” she says. “It goes into the pinhole and refracts to create the image. Your eyes work in the same way.”

“When you’re in a park and you see the